About Us


We love leaving an impact on our clients’ brands, without complicating things. So we work to build brands by focusing on creating them to be meaningfully different.

So, whether you are evolving or new to the market, we will work with you to build the brand of your product, service, or company. We will filter through all the noise and find the info relevant to increase your brand's awareness and recognition, convert more customers and extend customer loyalty.

We are based in Nairobi, Kenya, yet work with organizations around the world.

Welcome to Kenyan Grafik.


We work with impact-driven and profit-making organizations of all sizes to deliver brand strategies that work and stunning designs that make them stand out. This is achieved through a proven process and via a core set of creative services, including:

→ brand strategy
→ brand identity
→ brand implementation (print and digital)


What makes us different? We don't just want to create beautiful brands - we want to create brands that leave an impact and make a profit for the owners and founders. Period.

Our success is defined by how much impact you leave and how much money you end up making. How do we make it happen? By the broad and deep capabilities like these:

→ Strategy
Experience in working with 1-1500-people companies enables us to understand the constraints our clients are working with internally before they build a brand in the world. After all, the strategy must be executed by the team available, whether you are evolving or new to your industry.

We use the 5-P branding framework to get a concrete strategy for your brand:

  • Purpose: What is the big picture of why your brand exists?

  • Principles: What are your moral/philosophical stands on key elements relevant to your audience?

  • Promises: Who are you making the promises to? How do you solve the problem? This addresses your product and overall brand experience.

  • Personality: How does your brand show up?

  • Proof: How do you apply this to your marketing strategy to earn trust?

→ Design
We believe that strategic and impactful designs are not meant to be boring. We develop a brand identity that serves a dual purpose: inspiring your audience and communicating about your brand. They are classified into 2:

Visual Identity Design

  • Core Items: Brand Logo and Trademarks, Brand Colors, Brand Fonts, Brand Patterns, Brand Iconography

  • Guidelines: Brand Guidelines, Style Guidelines, Imagery Guidelines

Implementation Design

  • Digital Touchpoints: Websites & Landing Pages, Social Media Banners, Graphics Templates, Email Signature Design

  • Print Touchpoints: Packaging, Letterheads, Price Sheets and Menus, Business Cards, Fliers and Brochures, Thank You Cards, Posters and Billboards

What now?

If you feel like we would be a good fit for your project, or you would just like to have a chat, please drop Ben an email on hello@kenyangrafik.com.

We can't wait to hear from you. 😊

If you'd like to see our process or work first, then, by all means! Click any of the links below. 😊

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