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Brand Building Midset Book Cover - a book for brand builders and entrepreneurs
Brand Building Midset Book Cover - a book for brand builders and entrepreneurs

Yes, you can build a brand that delivers a world-class customer experience and brings in lots of profit.

You may hire a team to execute your vision by the time you finish reading this book or even fire someone.

When you understand the place and nuances of branding in propelling the vision you have, you are at a better place to attract customers, woo investors, hire the right talent, keep customers happy and increase your profits. You become more strategic, with little guess-work about how to execute the vision you have.

This isn't a book for everyone, just those yearning to build a brand around a vision of a business, product, non-profit or even themselves. Why? Because it sets you on the right track as pertains the Brand Building Mindset!

What's Inside:

Table of Contents

Behind the Scenes →
Why and for who to build a brand
  • Why you need a brand

  • Write the obituary

  • It is about people – be people centric.

  • Don’t Confuse the Mission and the Method

  • Get systems

  • Stop Running on the Treadmill.

What they See →
What your brand is, to your audience
  • The 5 Ps of a brand

  • Be Consistent

  • Name it Right

  • Your Logo isn't your brand

  • Color Matters

  • What did you write here?

Getting them to see →
Where to build your brand
  • I can't see you

  • Not perfect. But it works!

  • Stop fishing at noon

  • Give us more of this

  • Spend money

  • Founders build foundations

  • Work

  • Let them copy

Bonus Content:

Our Instagram →
Dissecting our top 2021 IG posts
  • The Logo and the Company Name

  • Did you subscribe to Qwikster?

  • Spice it up

  • Here are our competitors!

  • To know, like and trust

  • Chema Chajiuza

  • A dead body story

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