A cheat-sheet on the typical process of working together with us.


In an initial 30-minute meeting with Ben, he'll delve into your project and discuss how our team can assist you.

It's possible that we might not be the ideal fit for your project, and if that's the case, he will kindly suggest alternative solutions or agencies. If your budget is too high or too low, he will work with you to find a suitable adjustment. If our values don't align, we'll gracefully step aside. On the other hand, if we're a perfect match, we can kickstart the collaboration as soon as the following week.

Regardless of the outcome, this introductory meeting is crafted to be concise yet impactful. In those 30 minutes, our goal is to empower you to make the best decision for your brand, whether it involves hiring us, exploring other options, or hiring no one at all.

Discovery & Strategy

After the introduction call, if we’ve both agreed that it makes sense to work together, and the paperwork is done, we’ll send you a form to fill about your business. We may also talk to your clients and team so that we understand your business inside out. You see, if we don't understand the problem we are solving, we will be doing lots of guess work that wastes both our resources. That's not ideal.

We then take the juicy insights and sit with you to craft an amazing brand strategy together - your experience and our expertise fuse to craft an amazing direction for your brand.


This is the exciting part where we transform brilliant strategies into stunning designs. Whether it's crafting your brand identity or other aspects of your brand's presence, we strive to stay objective. Why? Because while everyone has their favorite colors and preferences, the ultimate goal is finding the perfect solution for your unique business.

We rely on your expertise regarding your business, industry, and future goals, rather than personal color or style preferences. We're committed to ensuring that our designs align with your long-term success, and we'll always provide honest feedback if certain preferences may jeopardize your brand's potential.


Once you've given us the thumbs up, we put the final touches on everything. We'll bundle up all the files neatly for you, think of it as a digital goody bag.

Each project is different, so what you get might vary, but rest assured, we'll always give you what you need.


Our commitment doesn't end with project delivery. We remain accessible for any post-project support you may require, offering guidance and resources to maximize the potential of your brand strategy and identity.

What now?

Now you know our process. 😊

Can we now hear about your project?

You can reach Ben at